Tuesday, April 12, 2011

VBRC 2011 - Drivetrain Systems

So here are this year's students' drivetrain systems for the solution of the "dispose of the radioactive devices and rescue the soldier" event, a.k.a. VBRC 2011. This year's event has 3 obstacles: sand pit, gravel pit, and a "mountainous" region (not designed/ defined by instructors yet). To get over the 3 obstacles, some students went with a flexible drive systems so the robot could handle the angles of the terrain of obstacle 3 (it will cover 75% of the width of the track, so you have to go over it).

A robot starts at one end and goes down a 35' track, through the 3 obstacles, and into the shack where our soldier is being held hostage. First dispose of the radioactive items and take them to the drop-zone, then come back for the soldier. The shack has live video back to a TV where the human operator is standing. Our school's robots will also have wireless cameras on most of them so the students can get a clear picture of the action on their laptops, also set up next to the human operator near the beginning.

Some have flexible drivetrains, some have 6 wheels, & some have tank treads. Continuous rotation servos and 12V DC motors are used for movement.

Some have anti-rollover systems & independent suspensions.

And remember kids:

Next post, manipulators and end effectors!