Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Robots and plastic 3D Prototyping parts

So, I finally got around to making the 3D DUX UNLIMITED plastic frames for my older brother and then the machine jammed full of it's own plastic. I can easily purge and clear the solid plastic jamming up the exit hole in the end effector, but it is still under warranty so I am 'not allowed' to touch it internally (insert Beavis and Butthead laugh).

Frustrated, I took this picture anyway to prove that even after 30+ months, I am still trying to do that for him.
I am also helping some students who want to get to California in April 2009 for the next ESPN BattleBOTS series. They are making a fierce steel competitor, but my bot will still destroy them during testing in January (I am making my weapons to counter their weapons/ defenses). We are in the under 120 lb high school level.

This Friday afternoon we are getting out our HONDA robot. This thing runs on hydraulic motors, powered by a HONDA DHV gas engine. Bada$$, but we can only run it outside (gas fumes are bad mmmmmmmK). We might put a T-shirt launcher on it for football/ soccer games, and we can switch out a paintball turret equppied with ultrasonic sensor systems to locate targets up to 26+ feet. Bob and weave fool. The seniors even made a 'garage' to lock it up (indeed, robotix is an expensive hobbie/ educational venture. HONDA bot = 5K!)