Monday, March 14, 2011

MUSIC - math in various forms

Maybe we could fund education instead of war....
So with the various atomic threats on the pacific islands from the tsunami, I thought it necessary to share the thing that bonds us throughout the universe - math. Nuclear physics are something that has caused nightmares among scientists and scholars for decades, so to know & see how fragile the nuclear power systems can be is scary, as mother Earth is much more powerful than man.

It was math and science through discoveries that got us here, now it needs to be human compassion and preparedness that gets us through this disaster and into the next generation.

So to the younger generations, use your time wisely, for tomorrow is not promised. Make good healthy decisions, love your family (if you're lucky enough to have one), and get some skills (survival and technological).

I tried to go from different types of music (math in sequence), so get the message any way you like. These songs (poetry put to music) are centered around educating yourself through the environment you are familiar with, whether it is the suburbs, the corn fields, the mountains, or the cities.
CADJEDI recommends your eardrums listen, not just hear, the following:

MOS DEF: 'New World Water', 'Mathematics'
Ben Harper: 'With My Own Two Hands'
John Lennon: 'Working Class Hero'
NAS: 'I Know I Can', 'The Message', 'Surviving The Times', 'Poison'
A Tribe Called Quest: 'Stressed Out', 'Check The Rhime'
Bad Religion: 'A Thousand More Fools', 'New Dark Ages'
Charlie Daniels: 'A Country Boy Can Survive', 'Long Haired Country Boy'
Carolina Chocolate Drops: 'Cornbread & Butterbeans'
NOFX: 'Regaining Un-Consciousness'
Fugazi: 'Long Division'
Genesis (or Disturbed): 'Land of Confusion'
Dag Nasty: 'Under Your Influence', 'Exercises'
Ten Foot Pole: 'Old Man'

The words are what matters. Music is a flavor made in mathematical patterns, find your favorite.

I'll post some new 2011 robot and CAD pix soon!

-NuTtY PrOfEsSoR