Friday, October 24, 2008

Cuz I'm workin' for a livin'

Argh pit-stop pirate!! Know your Thundercats villians-

Captain Cracker (voiced by Earl Hammond) — A robotic space pirate who captains a starship named the Jolly Roger. He raids the Great Penal Planet to release a criminal contingent to help him take over the space-ways. He has a robot parrot named Polly.

Thundercats- HooOO!

Well, I've been busy with lots of students' design brief projects & I've been learning new software too. Between the NXT and VEX advanved learning I'm trying to accomplish, one of my co-workers found ALIAS Autodesk Designer. It's a 3D engined modeler that concentrates specifically on automobile design. The control toolbars are clearly labeled so the learning curve is good for high schoolers; they are teaching me quicker than I can learn it alone too. Mumm-ra reactive brainstorming!

Brummell picture exposed!

3 witnesses SNARFED for coming on the property!

We'll be getting into TSA projects and fundraisers as the holiday season roles around at work. Soon to be pluckin' sum duckins' I hope! Let's see how the weather looks in a few weeks to reactivate my boomstick :-}

Have a ghoulish holiday!!!!!

But watch out for the goulash....