Thursday, March 5, 2009

Battlebots, gear boxes, and TIE FIGHTERS!?!?!!!!

So, we are getting ready for Battlebots 2009 in Cali., and the kids are putting their second weapon together (their first one exploded at high angular velocity). There will be 2 steel "teeth" that are bolted to this disk. They will wreck anything in theor way and the wedge weapon on the other side has a pneumatic flipper being fabricated for double the destruction!

The left gear box had an 'incident' with torque, so it is being reset with the smaller dbl gear & bearing and new lube.

So then the prototyping machine was over heating. It took over 7 hours for the tech to fix it (2 of the 4 thermo switches would not reset....and a little fan was not turning on at 278 degrees).
Now we had to test it again, so I made some TIE fighters then some more DU symbols- a little smaller but still precise. Thank goodness for warranties on $32k machines!
The 4 big ones:

The 8 small ones I made yesterday:

These are S.W. VI TIE fighters cuz we need to test the newly electrically rebuilt prototyping machine thoroughly-

See ya'll soon with more pix of more robots to conquer the other competitions we are gearing up for this April!