Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SRC 2012 and other prototypes

The STEM Robotics Competition of 2012 was great fun! We had students from elementary, middle and high school competing in 2 different levels of robotics competition. Some of our LHS Level 1 & Level 2 bots, run by the Propellar board:

Our students also made the animatronic wolf for the TSA competition. It moves his head side to side, shakes paws, and has pneumatic rear legs for standing up.

Our senior design students did a number of different projects, one of which was a motorized window, usful for the handicapped home owner.

To demo our prototyping machine to the freshman CAD class this year, I used a lightsaber STL file at 0.35 scale and another 4 of them at 0.10 scale, seen here with a referral and a LEGO clone trooper.  They still have to go into a 4 hour chemical bath that will eliminate the supprt (black) plastic to expose the final white ABS plastic.