Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Design & Prototype This!!!!

So, the senior design students have a project to allow a person to have sunglasses that move off to the side on a slide system. They got me the file to prototype it, and now it's time to remove the support plastic BUT the small parts get lost in the heated base bath. So, I had the students design a strainer locking system to hold the small parts (reusable!)

The other parts of the glasses system:

And the custom PROPELLAR circuit boards communicating through an XBEE. These boards (1 on the robot, one on the human) use the 9600 Baud rate of a common PS2 controller to make your robot do your bidding!

Here is the strainer put together (Death Star-ish) and an adapter to go from a window motor to a robot arm for the robotics students.

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